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In an effort to maintain the continued competence of all Orthopaedic Technologists-Certified and Orthopaedic Technologists-Surgery Certified, the NBCOT has developed a comprehensive Recertification Program so that certificants can maintain their certification.

Recertification can be obtained by either retesting the OTC examination or by submitting 120 continuing education units (CEUs).  The NBCOT has determined that the OTC should participate in a minimum of 20 credits each year to maintain competence in the field of Orthopaedic Technology.

Out of the 120 credits, a minimum of 40 credits must be obtained in Category  1.  Category 1 credits are those credits that have been deemed the most valuable education for the OTC.  Those certificants that hold the OTC and OT-SC certificate must obtain a minimum of 20 Category 1 and 20 Category 1A (specific to surgery).  The remaining 80 credits can be in any category the certificant chooses.

It is the responsibility of each Certificant to maintain original documentation for each activity submitted to the NBCOT for credit.  As stated in the CEU Guidelines, it is recommended that each Certificant submit CEUs as soon after the activity has been completed.  It is the Certificants responsibility to keep original documents safe and secure during his/her certification period.

The NBCOT will not accept CEU submissions that are lacking proper documentation as stated in the CEU Guidelines or incomplete CEU Submission Forms.  Without properly completed CEU Submission Forms and proper documentation, the Certificants submission will be returned without consideration.

To All ATCs:  The NATA National Conference is only valid for 20 CEUs for your OTC Credential regardless of what NATABOC has approved the conference for.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The deadline for submitting CEUs is October 1, of the year the Certificant is due to recertify.  Any CEU submissions that are received after October 1st will incur a $100.00 late fee.


Remember it is the responsibility of each certificant to contact the NBCOT office personally to make any changes to address or personal information.

Granting Credit: All recertification activities submitted for credit are subject to review and approval by the NBCOT Recertification Program. Fractions of credits may be reported in one-quarter (0.25) increments. Credit is not granted for time spent at social functions, lunches or breaks. No credit is awarded for completing courses required for your employment ie: Employee Orientation, Electrical Safety, etc.