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All OT-SC™ applicants should be aware of the following :

1. The OT-SC™ is not a stand alone certification. It is not meant to replace the OTC® certification, only to enhance your original OTC® certification. You must maintain the OTC® certification to keep your OT-SC™ certification.

2. Upon successfully passing the OT-SC™ examination you will have your initial OT-SC™certification period pro-rated to correspond to your OTC® expiration date. 
For example:  If your OTC® certification lapses in 2021 and you take and pass the OT-SC™ examination in 2019, your OT-SC ™ credential will be valid from the date of passing the OT-SC™ examination until 12/31/2021 (the period when your OTC® lapses).

You will then be required to submit with your OTC ® CEU submissions, a prorated number of Category 1A credits by using the following table based on the length of your initial OT-SC™ certification:
1 year: 3
2 years: 6
3 years: 9
4 years: 12
5 years: 15
6 years: 20

In the event that a certificant plans to retest for recertification of their OTC® credential, that certificant will be encouraged to wait to take the OT-SC™examination until the year they are due to retest for their OTC® recertification, in doing so the OTC® and OT-SC™ expiration dates will coincide. 

Following the initial OT-SC™ certification period, both the OTC® and OT-SC™ certifications will be valid for a period of six (6) years.