The OTC® and OT-SC™ Examination is administered 4 times a year during the entire months of: February, June, August and November. 

Applications must be received by the NBCOT no later than the dates stated below.
February Examination: 

January 5th by 12:00 Noon EST

June Examination: 

April 15th by 12:00 Noon EST

August Examination:

June 30th by 12:00 Noon EST

November Examination: 

September 30th by 12:00 Noon EST

Any Applications received and signed for after any deadline must include a $100.00 late fee. 
Any application that does not include the $100.00 late fee will be returned unprocessed.


Mail is accepted and signed for in the NBCOT office 6 days a week and on holidays.
If a posted deadline falls on a Sunday, the next day (Monday) is used for the cutoff.

You are encouraged to mail your application via US "Certified/Return Receipt/Signature Required" mail.  

The NBCOT office cannot confirm that your application has been received or at what stage of the validation process it is in.

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