Before I Take The Examination

What is the difference between the National Association of Orthopaedic Technologists (NAOT) and the National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists, Inc. (NBCOT)?

The National Association of Orthopaedic Technologists, (NAOT) is the National Professional Membership Association of Orthopaedic Technologists.  The National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists Inc., (NBCOT) is the National credentialing body for the Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists. The National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists, Inc is not a “Membership” Association or Organization. Both are financially and administratively separate entities.

How long is my Certification valid for?

Certification is valid from the day that you passed your Examination through December 31st- 6 years later, as long as you remain in good standing.

The NBCOT has found that a six (6) year certification cycle is appropriate for the OTC as the profession of Orthopaedic Technology does not change from year to year.  The six year certification cycle also coincides with when the new Job Task Analysis is performed.

What is the “date” of the next Examination?
The OTC® and OT-SC™ Examinations are administered during the entire months of February, June, August and November. Once an application has been received complete with no issues to be addressed, is validated and accepted by the NBCOT, the candidate will be notified by e-mail that they may make their own appointment for the testing cycle (month) that they applied for. Appointments are made by the candidate using the information found in the e-mail they received. The NBCOT does not make or cancel appointments. It is up to the candidate to make their own appointment to take the test. Fees may apply if the appointment needs to be changed.

Why do the locations of testing centers change so often?
For security of all the Examinations that our Testing Administrator handles, they may rotate sites randomly during the year.

Why won’t the NBCOT accept Personal Checks?
Personal Checks bounce. The Policy was put into place after receiving a rash of bad “Personal Checks” both for testing and Continuing Education submissions. The NBCOT incurred heavy Bank charge back fees and Legal fees to collect the funds due. In the interest of all concerned, this policy will not change.

“I have half of my testing fee that I can send in now with my application to avoid a late filing fee. Can I pay the balance over time?”
No. Only a properly completed application sent with all the appropriate fees submitted will be considered and processed after it has been accepted.

​After I Take The Examination

I am being considered for a job and I need my credentials in my hand before I am hired. Why does it take so long to receive my new Certification packet?

 Examination results are issued to a candidate at the test center immediately after their examination has been completed as a courtesy; however, the NBCOT office is notified of the official examination results up to 5 business days after a candidate has completed their examination. A newly credentialed person will be placed into rotation for receipt of their certification packet at that time, not before. If any potential employer needs verification that a person is currently credentialed, or has been recently credentialed by the National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists, Inc., all the Employer, Human Resource Representative, or Credentialing Agency Representative needs to do is contact the NBCOT office. Score reports or individual testing statistics are never given to any person other than the person that took the test.  All printed materials associated with credentialing are produced and mailed to the credential holder within 4-6 business weeks of passing an examination. 

How can I obtain Malpractice Insurance?

The NBCOT has been successful in working with “Dyer Insurance through Trusted Choice” to offer all NBCOT credentialed “OTC®” and “OTC,OT-SC™” an opportunity to obtain Malpractice Insurance. All the information regarding Malpractice Insurance is found from the “Partnership Programs” tab of our website 


What is required to maintain my OTC® Certification?
To maintain OTC® certification, two options are available. A complete explanation of the requirements may be found from the “I Am Currently Certified” tab

1. You may submit to the NBCOT, proof of completing a total of 120 hours of NBCOT approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs). CEUs must be accepted and logged against your certification record 60 calendar days before the date of expiration shown on your current certificate. Information on the current Continuing Education Guidelines is included with your initial certification packet, and also may be found from the “Recertification”  Listed on that page are many NBCOT approved Continuing Education opportunities for you to explore.

2. The other option is to take the OTC® Certification examination for recertification during the year that your certification is due to lapse. For this option, you must be successful in passing the OTC exam before the date of expiration shown on your certificate. If you choose this option and you are not successful on the OTC examination at that time, your OTC certification is reported as “Expired”. You are no longer authorized to claim to be certified, or market yourself as such. You automatically are marked in the database as “Inactive” and lose the certification number originally issued to you. Testing is administered 4 times a year, so if one feels they want to take the test for recertification, it is advisable to be scheduled in February or June of that year.

Does the NBCOT “sell” or “rent” my personal information to outside vendors?

The NBCOT does not “sell” or “rent” the Master Database of credential holders to any Organization or Vendor. The NBCOT has 3 Privacy Policy Options in place that allow you to choose how your record is handled. Specific information regarding the Privacy Policy Options, along with the Opt-In/Opt-Out form can be found under the “I Am Currently Certified” tab on The option that you choose may be updated by you at any time directly online. The option you choose does not negate the fact that your record of certification is a matter of public record, and may be reported to verify your credential to any employer, credentials verification entity or to answer or comply with a Legal inquiry as required by law.


I am an Athletic Trainer.  Can I obtain CEUs by gong to the NATA Conference?

Yes, the NATA National Conferences have been awarded 20 Category 1 Credits

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