Emma Rose Jackson is a 2017 Graduate of the NHTI Concord's Community College Orthopaedic Technology Program.  She is also a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer.

Being the 2017 recipient of the Doris Hardy Memorial Examination Grant, like Doris Hardy, she wants to be a "driving force" in health care utilizing her knowledge and skills that she has achieved.

She is looking forward to incorporating Orthopaedic Technology into a career as a Physician Extender in the future.

During her time at NHTI, Emma worked for two Secondary High Schools.

Aside from her career, Emma enjoys living a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercising as her hobbies and passions.

Her family has been a tremendous source of love and support and she strives to make them proud.

Emma is excited for her future in the Orthopaedic field.

2017 Recipient - Emma Jackson

Anthony is the Orthopedic Technologist for Baptist Health South Florida Homestead Hospital. He has been in the field of orthopedics and physical therapy for about 10 years. He has tremendous passion for his job and is looking forward to furthering his career in the field of orthopedics. Anthony also takes every opportunity to educate staff the importance of different orthopedic treatments. The nurses and physicians rely on his impeccable work ethics and skills which benefits everyone most of all patients. His enthusiasm shows through his work and his interactions with patients. Anthony is also considering becoming an OPA-C and enjoys being in the OR for orthopedic cases. ​

Samantha Gaumond is looking forward to starting her career as an Orthopaedic Technologist.  She has previously worked in various jobs and now she has found something that she really likes doing.  Samantha says that ever since she was young she wanted a career where she could help people and wanted it to be in the medical field.  Samantha states that she is looking forward to working in the field and maybe furthering her education and going back to school in the future.

2015 Recipient - Samantha Gaumond

2014 Recipient - Tina King

Tina King is a Medical Assistant and Lead Orthopaedic Technologist at the Orthopaedic Center of Central Virginia.  She has had the pleasure of working with this large orthopaedic group for over 15 years.  Her key role as Orthopaedic Tech allows her to participate in patient care throughout their healing process.  Tina finds great gratitude in assisting with musuloskeletal treatment.  She is the proud mother of two college students.  Tina is ambitious to further her education, she will serve as a valuable asset to her orthopaedic family as well as her community.

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2016 Recipient - Anthony J. Ware