Event Name:                                             CE Medicus® 

Location:                                          Online 
Credits:                                             Category 2 credit only
Documentation Required:            Certificate of Completion

Event Name:                                             Medscape

Location:                                               Online 
Credits:                                                  Category 2 credit only
Documentation Required:                 Certificate of Completion

Event Name:                                       NAOT "Tip of the Month"

Location:                                           NAOT Orthotech Professional
Credits:                                              Category 2 credit only
Documentation Required:             NAOT End of Year CEU Report

CEU Opportunities

It is the position of the NBCOT that obtaining 120 CEUs over a 6 year certification cycle is sufficient to maintain current certification in the field of Orthopaedic Technology.  

The number of CEUs required was determined by multiple factors including: 

1.  The rate in which the field of Orthopaedic Technology changes.

2.  Similar Orthopaedic professions that require Continuing Education.

3.  The attainablity to the Credential holder to obtain the required number of CEUs for recertification, which are clearly outlined in the current CEU Guidelines.


The NBCOT has added a new way for obtaining CEUs for your re-certification. 

An OTC® or OT-SC™   can obtain up to 30 CEUs per Recertification Cycle for writing items for the NBCOT Certification Examinations.

Item Writing       Maximum Allowed     30 CEUs per Recertification Cycle

Credit can be obtained by contributing potential questions for the NBCOT OTC®  and/or OT-SC™ Examinations. 

Credit will be awarded as follows:

1 Category 1 Credits for every 1 questions approved - minimum of 10 items submitted at a time


Each question must be submitted in the NBCOT approved format.

OTC’s® and OT-SC’s™ that are interested in obtaining CEUs for Item Writing should contact the Item Writing Committee Chair to obtain the appropriate materials and to obtain an item writing tutorial.

Documentation Required: Certificants must submit all questions to the Item Writing Chair for approval, A Question Acceptance Form will be sent to you upon approval from the Item Writing Chairperson, and the certificant must submit a copy of that form to obtain credit. 

An Item Writing Agreement form and Confidentiality agreement form must be on file with the NBCOT before credit can be obtained.

Contact the nbcot_office@nbcot.net  for more information.

Call Us: 866-466-2268

National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists, Inc. ​